Who Is Gina on Legal Help Commercial

Who Is Gina on Legal Help Commercial

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Gina DelChiaro is a partner and director of the firm`s pro bono initiatives, a flagship program designed to promote pro bono opportunities that leverage the skills and interests of Akerman`s lawyers to meet the legal needs of those who can least afford and need legal services the most. Gina has nearly 15 years of experience working on pro bono initiatives, most recently at the Lawyers Alliance for New York, where she served as corporate engagement counsel and led pro bono projects for in-house corporate counsel to support non-profit organizations. She has also helped organize pro bono projects with a national network of pro bono providers serving nonprofits in 15 cities across the United States and advancing the field of pro bono business law nationally. In addition, Gina spent six years as an attorney for Human Rights First, where she initiated and led a pro bono program with law firms and corporations focused on legal representation for refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants. Previously, Gina was a partner at an AmLaw 10 law firm, focusing on regulatory enforcement, commercial and securities litigation, capital markets transactions, and various pro bono proceedings, including capital and immigration disputes. The legal industry is increasingly drawn into polarizing political debates with potentially significant consequences. Ms. Corena received her bachelor`s degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. She received her Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2007 and was admitted to the Nevada Bar the same year. Prior to opening her current firm, she represented creditors and insurance companies in general business, construction defects, bankruptcy and personal injury matters, bringing a wealth of experience and diverse perspective to her current role. In the area of personal injury, she focuses on road accidents and helps victims cope with medical bills and lost wages.

Her experience as an insurance advocate helps Ms. Corena understand the inner workings of insurance companies and their defense strategies, giving her an insider perspective as she advocates for her clients who have suffered bodily injury. Dedicated to providing first-class service to our clients and maintaining her reputation as an industry expert, she attends numerous seminars on topics ranging from medical treatment to litigation strategy. In 2015, she appeared in the GEICO commercial with the Europe Group. She was a grandmother in Wells Fargo`s 2017 commercial, „Lost Debit Card.” She also appeared in 2 other GEICO commercials, once as a DMV photopreneur and waitress in a 24-hour restaurant. To contact Gina or for more information about the Veterans Consortium, she can be reached at gina.damico@vetsprobono.org. In 2001, Belcher was cast as Jezelle Gay Hartman, a clairvoyant, in the horror film Jeepers Creepers. The film received mixed reviews from critics, but received positive praise from audiences.

[4],[5] The film was a commercial success, opening in 2,944 theaters and grossing $37,904,175 domestically; He went on to earn $21,313,614 internationally, for a total of $59,217,789 worldwide. Belcher is known to play judges, doctors, nurses, government officials, and other authority figures, often with comic effect.[6] She has made numerous appearances in films and television series, including The Number 23, Unknown, Jeepers Creepers, Heartbreakers and (500) Days of Summer. She has also appeared in television series, including The Norm Show (in which she had a recurring role), Everybody Loves Raymond, Boston Legal, The Jake Effect, Twins, The Proud Family, Seinfeld, Sister, Sister, In Plain Sight, The Middle, It`s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Still Sitting Down, Beverly Hills, 90210, Bones, and How to Get Away with Murder. She is also one of the most active actresses to appear in commercials. Products include GEICO, Staples, Time Warner, American Cancer Society and Wells Fargo. Ms. Corena has always enjoyed helping people, which led her to enroll in law school. As she says, it was the potential to change people`s lives that inspired her to create a specialty: in the context of bankruptcy, Ms. Corena focuses on clients affected by the downturn in the Las Vegas real estate market. It deals with bankruptcy proceedings under Chapters 11, 13 and 7. With over a decade of experience working for creditors, Ms.

Corena is able to help her clients easily navigate the legal intricacies of bankruptcy. While she has developed strategies that satisfy all parties with limited litigation, she also has the litigation skills to advocate for her clients in the courtroom in more complex situations. Prior to joining TVC, Gina worked extensively in the areas of general liability, personal injury, property and accident defence, insurance coverage and commercial litigation, representing clients in family law and appeals matters early in her career. Gina attended Elmira College, where she earned her bachelor`s degree in criminal justice, magna laude. Gina received her Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law in 2011, where she articled with the Honorable Bradford Thomas at the First District Court of Appeals in Florida. „In personal injury law, I have the opportunity to really change people`s lives and help them turn things around. And especially in Nevada, I was able to make a significant difference in the area of bankruptcy, because the slowdown in the economy hit families particularly here. To learn more about what legal departments are doing to help their organizations mitigate risk, how third-party vendors can help in this endeavor, and find opportunities in geopolitical disruptions, we gathered insights and data from ELL and ELL member advisors on how they are preparing for uncertainty and thriving in an era of increasing global complexity.

„In the Ninth Circuit, in Chapter 11 cases, there is the so-called absolute priority rule, which states that creditors must be paid before shareholders. I mainly represent individuals in insolvency proceedings, so I am currently paying attention to how changes in the application of the absolute priority rule affect individuals. In the decade since the beginning of his legal career, Frau.