Who Can Legalise a Document in the Uk

Who Can Legalise a Document in the Uk

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If your document is intended for a country party to the Hague Convention, it will be legalized with an apostille in that country. If you want a document from one country to be legally acceptable and recognisable in the other country, you must legalise that document in the UK. A notarized document means that the identity and signature of the signatory have been verified and attested by a notary at the time of signing. These documents are identified by an imprint of the notary`s stamp or seal indicating that the document is that of the person who signed them. Once the documents are legalized, communicate them to the recipient by mail, courier or in person. All apostilles are similar, but not all documents are treated equally. There are hundreds of different documents that need to be legalized and it is important that they are properly prepared and that the correct version is presented for legalization. Documents that can be legalized through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) include: Therefore, the relevant consulate will not generally comment or verify any of the documents, but will verify the authenticity of the apostille. Can a document be legalized and an apostille certificate issued at the same time? Legalization is a process followed by countries that are not party to the 1961 Hague Treaty. To present a legal document in these countries, you must certify whether the signature and seal of the notary are authentic. This is called legalization. Legalization can only be done in an embassy or consulate of the country where the document is used and requires a certified document with signature, seal and/or stamp of a notary.

The same-day premium service is reserved for registered businesses and costs £75 per document. Notarization – Notarization refers to a stamped document or, in some cases, the signature on the document attested by an embassy. An apostille certificate can be arranged for virtually any British document. The following list is not exhaustive, we have selected only the most popular documents we receive. Do not hesitate to contact us to check if the document you wish to use abroad can be issued with an apostille certificate. Many documents require a lawyer certification, our service includes this certification whenever possible. If you need help certifying lawyers, please contact us for advice. Apostille is a form of certificate used among countries that are part of the Apostille Convention to obtain recognition of certification in those countries. The apostille is an easier way to verify and legalize a document between countries.

However, this certification method can only be used in countries that are part of the Apostille Convention. Yes, you do both at the same time. Legalization essentially means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that all signatures and stamps on a particular document are authentic, whereas by issuing an apostille certificate, the document is exempt from legalization. In general, all foreign public documents must be legalized or apostilled to be valid in Spain, and all Spanish public documents must be legalized or apostilled to be valid abroad. To obtain an apostille certificate, you must submit your original document or a copy for review and approval by the issuing body. Although it is recommended to provide an original document, some countries do not require original copies of the document, so a copy will suffice. It is a question of verifying the authenticity of the facts presented in a document. Some countries require the notarization of documents before they are presented in those countries. Certification is done by a notary public to ensure the authenticity of signatures, facts, affidavits, statements made, powers of attorney, etc. It should be noted that some countries require notarial certification of apostille certified documents for international recognition. Only certified or apostilled original documents (or authentic copies issued by the same body that issued the original) are allowed. Certified or apostilled photocopies cannot replace the original document.

Official government documents and other certificates of recognized authorities may be issued without further certification with the apostille. The following list of documents are all standard documents. They must bear the stamp or signature of a government employee. · Company documents such as certificate of incorporation, company house documents, etc. Please note that government documents (birth, marriage and death certificates, criminal records, etc.) cannot be included in a single package. They have their own apostille. Please click on the following link to start legalizing your documents: www.get-document-legalised.service.gov.uk/select-service Most corporate documents must be certified by a lawyer before the apostille can be issued.