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The legal notice site and other federal Treasury sites are not accessible. The person saves purchase invoices that can be reset into credits to the program Legal Notice, DF – Photo: Agency Brasilia / Disclosure For the use of credits in IPTU and IPVA discounts, it is necessary that subscribers access the program website. In the portal you can also issue the ticket with the updated tax amount. The website, where taxpayers can indicate how they wish to receive Legal Note credits, will follow on Tuesday (1°). The system is overloaded due to the number of accesses, according to the Federal District Government (GDF). 1. Go to the page click on the „Register” tab. However, on Tuesday, an error message appeared on the Legal Note website at 7 a.m. (see image above). In the afternoon, the plant resumed operations. Those who do not have a car or imable registered in their name can provide a bank account from June 1 to 30 and receive the amount in cash.

To choose how you want to use the credits, you need to access the portal, register for the program,© or update the information if the user©is already enrolled. After that, simply specify one of the three options. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the amount paid by either tax. If you want, you can collect the amount to get a higher discount on future issues, as©credits are available for up to two years from© launch. It is important to remember that the user may not have©a pending decision on participation with the government of Brasilia. Learn more about credit redemption©–> Error message that appears on the Legal Note program website on Tuesday (1) — Photo: Reproduction The company registers the consumer`s CPF/CNPJ and issues the invoice or tax voucher and forwards the information to the Ministry of Finance the following month. They should return to normal tomorrow morning (28:10). Those who tried to access the system on Monday night were informed that there was a „maximum number of simultaneous connections” and that there was therefore a temporary blocking of new access.

„Please try again in a few minutes,” the announcement says. The nomination deadline would end on Monday (31), but with the instability of the portal, at least since 9pm, taxpayers have until Friday (4) to make the launches. The measure was published in a special edition of the Official Gazette of the Federal District. Tax Document eManifest Dismit – MDF-e, Model 58.3. Then the system sends a link to the informed email that the consumer needs to access and from this link, fill in the registration form. The RICMS – Declaration of Electrical Content Distributed on the monthly calculation system in accordance with Art. 320-A of the RICMS 6. The Legal Note system sends an e-mail confirming the approval of the registration, and from that moment on, access to the system is released. > it is not possible to register without a valid email account; Start the deadline to indicate how you want to use #NotaLegal credits©! Users are up to 31 years old©. January the choice if they prefer a discount on IPTU, IPVA or donate the amounts to others. FIGURES FOR DEBITS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS.

With each purchase from a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and asks for his grade or tax coupon. > email accounts that are considered suspicious or used multiple times will have their records rejected. According to the secretariat, the data centre system is maintained throughout the weekend and the pages are therefore not accessible to users. Government of Brasilia #BrasÃliaNoRumoCerto Those who do not have a car or property in their name can request a cash refund. Applications will be accepted until June. The credit can be used within two years to reduce the value of the launch of the IPVA or IPTU. 5. At the end of this procedure, the consumer awaits registration through the coordination of the programme. You can discuss the design of Legal Note 2 program practices.

Enter a valid CPF and email address, and then click Next. 4. The registration form contains personal data such as: full name, address, mobile phone, etc. You must also save a system access password. The consumer who wishes to register for the program must: In the case of properties of a couple where only the CPF of one of the spouses is listed, it is necessary to request the modification of the real estate register to insert the data of the partner. For this purpose, it is necessary to attach the marriage certificate after the investigation has been opened to the virtual service of the tax office of the Federal District. The procedure can be carried out through the following steps of the menu: > If the consumer communicates an invalid e-mail address, the registration will not be carried out; Information on the declaration of electrical content and auxiliary declaration of electrical content, rural producer, fair trade, crafts, individual invoice, MEI. With legal notice, Brasilia residents can provide credits to reduce taxes related to vehicles and real estate on their behalf, but it is not possible to transfer the credits to third parties. In order to receive discounts on the IPVA, the vehicle must be issued in the name of the taxpayer, and for the IPTU, the property must be issued in the name of the person claiming the credits.