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In an age where people want to sell items on Craigslist or lend money to a friend, not everyone can find the time or money to hire a lawyer for every small transaction. Shake makes these small contracts possible. The Shake blog also offers many educational articles on legal issues and contacts. Shake focuses primarily on the „tiny law” sector, a term reportedly coined by Shake CEO Abe Geiger at the 2014 Reinvent Law conference. [6] [7] The lowercase law refers to people such as freelancers and small businesses who need legal services for small-figure transitions and are traditionally reluctant to seek legal representation for cost reasons. [8] [9] [10] Expert legal advice to protect your investment in residential and commercial real estate transactions Apply blockchain technology to your investment portfolio or real business with expert legal advice Abe Geiger (AG): I`ve worked in startups and small businesses in New York and the San York Bay Area, And I found that many contractors were paying a lot of money for legal documents. I wanted to get rid of the headache of creating contracts and simplify the language with simple English. I wanted to make Shake as easy to use as possible. The Shake Law app includes a library of simple and simple legal agreements that can be executed from a mobile device. It includes a set of stock contract templates for independent contractors/independent contractors, non-disclosure agreements, buying and selling, leasing property, and personal loans. [4] [5] After selecting a template, a user customizes it by answering a series of questions.

Growth and expansion are intentional and time-consuming. The first phase of growth is done through turmoil, sales in the market, and there is practically no time or budget for the structure of the company. The store is in reactive mode. We created our legal subscription plans to move our clients from reactive to proactive by appointing a team to build the structure for the next phase of business growth. Stop putting out fires that slow down your business! Add our team as your legal department to focus on what you do best for your business! Shake is a legal technology startup based in New York City. The main product is the Shake app, which offers individuals the ability to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements through their iOS devices. From April 2014, the app will only be available for the iPhone. [2] [3] You can get lost in contracts with fine print and hundreds of pages of legal language.

Abe Geiger, CEO of Shake Inc., wanted to simplify everything and make legal documents less scary. Shake is an application that creates legal documents by offering templates or allowing users to create their own by answering a few simple questions. The app is designed to guide small business owners through the process in plain language and allows relevant parties to sign the document electronically. Our diverse team serves as an extension of your business, supporting you with all your legal, business and real estate needs. We have been providing professional and quality work since 2009 and can be sure that you have a team of experts to protect your interests and solve your business. Long-term relationships are formed, because when your needs change, we are there to take on the task. We speak Spanish and Portuguese. Get to know us. If you`re busy running your business or planning your next investment, you want your legal team to be proactive, creative, and efficient. SimplyLegal is a non-traditional law firm dedicated to minimizing your legal risks while maximizing your return on investment. As a fixed-rate, subscription-based law firm, we understand that cost predictability is critical to profitability.

We build customer trust by prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing a service we are proud of. Shake makes it easy for users to create custom legal documents. They are primarily aimed at start-ups and small businesses and offer legal forms that may be helpful to caregivers. As of September 2013, the Shake app had been downloaded more than 80,000 times and used to create and sign legal agreements worth $15 million. [12] The Shake Accords are legally binding in the United States. Shake was founded in 2012. The original idea for Shake came from Jon Steinberg, president of Buzzfeed, and Jared Grusd, Spotify`s general counsel and associate professor at Columbia Business School. The two men teamed up with Stuart Ellman of RRE Ventures (who also teaches at Columbia) and told him about an idea they had for a company to simplify legal contracts. Ellman introduced them to Abe Geiger, a student in his venture capital course who was working on his own legal startup idea. The four men decided to join forces and create Shake with the intention of simplifying and modernizing the legal contracting process.

[11] Our company is managed as a responsible company with policies and procedures, financial controls and ongoing reviews of measures. This allows us to provide a great work product, fantastic customer experience and no additional costs as we know our cost of goods sold. What does this mean for our customers? Fair prices with ADDED VALUE INTEGRATED INTO OUR SERVICES. 148Apps: How secure is user data at Shake? Shake is a freemium product. The app is free, but Geiger said they`ll end up making money by adding premium features and/or services. [12] While there are many ideas in development, none of them can help at this time. However, the present is not sterile. Some technologies are currently being implemented to support the care process. Do you think they hired Katniss as Mockingjay with a shake chord? Probably not. Telephone service sucks so far underground. (Also, we are only available in the United States.

Sorry, Panem) Since our priority is to build a relationship with our customers and be part of their growth, we have a very high level of customer satisfaction. In the rare event that our customers are not satisfied with our services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! AG: We are currently working on many updates. We should have Shake available for Android very soon, and we are working on Shake for the web. We launched a business-focused mobile pilot app for parties who already have their own contracts. We are currently working with 15 different partners to create Shake for Business with forms such as photo approvals and purchase agreements. It will have high-end features for small and medium-sized businesses. Gabe Winant is the author of The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America. The book „draws the.

Practicing both online and in person will better prepare you for real-life care and make you a well-rounded babysitter. After discovering the Shake app at the Northside Tech Festival in Brooklyn, we had the pleasure of speaking with Abe Geiger. on Shake`s story and its future. The Shake iOS app has just been fundamentally revised. The contract app now has a new look, new features, and new features. We care about the company`s objectives as well as its principles. A comprehensive understanding of our clients and their clients allows us to develop strategies to support their expansion.