Who Rules the Feywild

Who Rules the Feywild

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I love Feywild because it`s so unpredictable. This is the playground of a DM. Basically, you should put whatever you want in it, as long as the saturation is 200%! Want to present a giant of the hills with a tuxedo and +5 intelligence? Feywild. Do you want to make a magician? Feywild. Do you want to use just about any monster in a strange role? FEYWILD. You can do whatever you want with all kinds of adventures, like plot (rival fey lords debate territory and use their wizards to their advantage), exploration (what?? Another breathtaking landscape?), and fight (the hag opens its arms, and swarms of insects pour out. Turnover Initiative.) There are also races that do not recognize the legitimacy of the Star Court and do not respect its rules. This includes the Fomorians, both of whom are at war with the Star Court and often fight bitter civil wars for supremacy within their own clans. All fey associated with a fey court are expected to follow these rules in good faith, although they often look for excuses to circumvent the definitions. For example, „Don`t tell lies” means that Fey can`t tell lies, but since most Feys lack omniscience, this is usually interpreted as „Don`t knowingly tell lies.” These differences are small but unmistakable and allow for many tricks that a smart Fey can use to gain an advantage in a battle of the mind. The energy motes, which had their origin in the Feywild, manifested as feywild sparks. These were highly sought after by adventurers who dared to brave the dangerous wilderness of the plane. [19] Archfey and even the Fey leaders are often considerably powerful; enough where some of these beings can distort and distort space and time in the Feywild.

True, the Feywild hardly follows the normal paradigms of the material plane anyway, but the material plane is bound by the rules developed by the deities. The archifey may seem divine inside or even outside the fey deer, but they do not possess the same distinction as the deities. However, in the realm of an archifey, they can be considered deities, as space is technically an extension of their power and essence. In other words, don`t play with an Archfey on its own lawn. The same principle applies to deities or creatures with caves; There is a home advantage. So I`m a little confused about one thing. Do Feywild creatures have access to the material plane when a portal is accessible in between, or is the portal in only one direction? What kind of creatures besides Eladrin live in the Fey Desert, like all the Feys or just a few, and are their beasts also in Feywild? The fairy story is a compendium of superstition, tradition and common faith. Fairies are a way to use stories to teach the younger generation the rules of living together and mitigate the effects of tragedies that occur in the community. A mother who killed her child in a postpartum hallucination would be convicted of infanticide, but a woman who recognized the child as a money changer and suffocated him while he slept would be applauded for her insight and cunning. I tend to agree, but from the way many Feywild beings behave (satyrs, dryads, etc.), it would be pretty cool if there was a magical circus.

especially with something like Night Hags The Feywild is a really interesting concept and I can`t wait to use it in a campaign. Each member of the Fey court must respect three basic rules. Although non-aligned and non-members are not magically obliged to follow these rules, their observance is a sign that they will act in good faith. Adventures in fairy lands are basically human struggles told through an otherworldly inner logic. The victors are those who show their wisdom and moral virtue by following the rules and setting their parameters so that they do not become a warning to those who follow in their footsteps. In the current 5. Edition is a two-court system between the Summer Court and the Gloaming Court. Titania, the Queen of Summer, is the ruler of the Summer Court of the Good Fairies and the Queen of Air and Darkness rules over the dark court of the traditionally evil fairies.

In the 4th edition, eladrin and gnomes resided deep within the feywild as often neutral units between the two courts. But there were also other dishes, some that dealt with certain aspects of nature such as seas, forests or even stars. These courts were announced by great and powerful lords Fey or archifey, such as Oran the Green Lord or the twin lords of the sea Elias and Siobhan Alastai. When dealing with a Fey creature, regardless of its position in a courtroom, it is important to keep these rules in mind: The coral court is ruled by two lords of the Eladin Sea known as Elias and Siobhan Alastai, brother and sister who have only recently become the archfey of their aquatic kingdoms. Elias Alastai rules over the shallow waters of lakes, rivers, and even coral reefs near the coast, while Siobhan Alastai rules the deep waters of bottomless oceans and dark seas. Their farm consists of aquatic creatures of all kinds. Examples like these try to lure players and the public into a quiet, hospitable place to remind them that danger always lurks in the seemingly gentlest place. Traveling between the Feywild and the Material Plane can be dangerous for even the most experienced adventurers, as the Feywild does not follow the rules and paradigms of the mortal world. While the top is always the top in most cases, the top and bottom scale can be drastically different depending on the player`s point of view. Time passes in the Feywild, because such a creature seems to have disappeared for a few years to a century, but knows only an evening full of celebrations. Although the general geography of the Feywild and the material plain is similar, the Feywild has a much more pristine landscape. Nature reigns over the lands of Fey.

Where you will find sprawling cities in the material plane, in the fairy plain, you can only discover hunting outposts or solitary ruins. Similarly, places with wilderness in the mortal realm could be vast impassable forests in the feydeer. I`d love to hear your thoughts on Warlocks and Fairy Pacts, one of my players chose Archfey as his godfather. It feels like there`s only an ocean of possibilities. And it`s a little more tempting than your usual demon pact. As always, I hope you learned something about the Feywilds, I know I did. It`s a really cool place to party, a place where you can play with them a little bit and screw up expectations.