Mohawk College Vaccine Requirements

Mohawk College Vaccine Requirements

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Please note that, regardless of your vaccination status, all requirements regarding mandatory daily check-ups, personal hygiene, hygiene and PPE (i.e. masks) will remain in effect until further notice for anyone visiting a Mohawk settlement or attending a Mohawk event. For more information on these requirements, see the Campus Access section of the College`s COVID-19 website. „Fully vaccinated” means that you have received one or more vaccines plus 14 days that provide full protection according to Ontario public health guidelines. Given the changing nature of the pandemic, this alternative definition takes precedence when the relevant health authorities announce a different meaning of „fully vaccinated”. For example, if health authorities announce that additional doses of vaccine (i.e. „booster shots”), individuals may not be considered fully vaccinated until they have received the additional dose(s). Visit the FAQ page for international students (Frequently Asked Questions for International Students| Mohawk College). You can also contact the college by filling out the International Student Services Email form. Like most Ontario colleges and universities, Mohawk`s vaccination requirement will remain in place until the end of the winter semester in April.

Compliance with mandatory vaccination provides a degree of security for students and staff who must be on campus for face-to-face learning. Until the policy is removed, anyone coming to a Mohawk campus must upload their proof of vaccination and have it reviewed by Mohawk or have an APPROVED exemption from the college before attending in-person classes or events on campus. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded at least 48 hours prior to arrival on campus. For some events, such as spectator access to university games, the Ontario QR Code Vaccination Certificate may be accepted. Below is a summary of the steps we are taking for January. A more detailed summary of protocols and measures for the winter session will be emailed to all students and staff and posted on the College`s COVID-19 website. Please pay attention to this email and visit the website to make sure you are familiar with the requirements for the winter semester. Students are reminded that the status of each Fall 2021 program, including programs that have personal requirements, has been posted on the Program Delivery Information page of the college website and will continue to be updated as changes are made.

Staff and students who are not required to participate in college property, but who regularly work or study in an authorized off-campus location (e.g., dual credit programs, placement and cooperation activities) must comply with this policy statement and may be required to meet additional requirements of the sanctioned off-campus location. We`ve learned a lot over the past two years and you`ll reflect it in your courses through our robust learning management system (MyCanvas) and targeted integrated educational technologies, including virtual simulations and innovative delivery strategies that enhance the quality of your courses and deliver an exceptional student experience. We continue to explore new ways to provide flexible learning experiences tailored to the diverse needs of Mohawk students, and we are also considering Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) requirements for international students. You can also contact the human resources department in Your health and safety is our top priority. The requirement for proof of vaccination provides an additional layer of protection to the measures the college has already implemented to create a safe learning and working environment. Designated entrances have been set up on each campus. All other entrance doors remain closed to anyone entering the college. Each designated entrance has check-in desks where students and staff can confirm their vaccination status by tapping their ONE card.

If you don`t have ONE card, you can safely check your vaccination status in the Mohawk Safety app. You will then receive a color-coded bracelet confirming your status and allowing you to travel to and from campus that day. Entry points and more details can be found on the Campus Entrance Checklist page on the College`s COVID-19 website. Please plan ahead and be prepared, as this will help avoid delays and ensure everyone has timely access to campus. Yes, students can still request a transcript through My Mohawk. Transcripts are sent electronically. Transcript questions can be sent to ask[at] Mohawk will continue to review its campus access controls and health protocols, and we may adjust our plans based on further instructions from Public Health and the province.

Any updates or changes will be shared with the college community via email and posted on the college`s COVID-19 website. The evidence is clear. COVID-19 vaccines work, and those who are vaccinated are much less likely to catch the virus or transmit it to others. The Mohawk vaccination rate is approaching 90% and is expected to exceed 95% by the end of the fall semester. The high vaccination rate is why we can move forward with our plans for January. You can bring and wear your own mask. Mohawk will continue to have masks available at select locations on campus while supplies last. Mask collection locations will be posted on the college`s COVID-19 website.

As we approach the start of the winter semester at Mohawk College, we would like to update you on the steps the college is taking to ensure the safety of our university community and remind you of some key milestones that must be taken before you arrive on campus this winter. Mohawk College encourages students and staff to take advantage of COVID-19 vaccines provided by local health units.