Ministry of Legal Affairs Registrar General

Ministry of Legal Affairs Registrar General

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The Office of the Registrar General is a branch of the Registrar General. It reports to the Tobago Central Administrative Services (CAST) for administrative support and the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs for legal management. Department of the Registrar General – Registrar of Societies Post-incorporation filing application Civil status event Online application service (birth/death/marriage) The Department of the Registrar General centralizes its services around civil registration, land, corporate registers and the administration of hospital and district registers. Online Commercial Register RGD Property Business Registration System The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by the Attorney General`s offices and, while we strive to keep it current and accurate, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the Site. This service refers to registration after one (1) year of birth. Apply to the Registry Office, Attorney General`s Office and Department of Justice, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Street, Port of Spain or Caribana Building, Bacolet Street Scarborough, Tobago. The registration of public records is an essential administrative function of any country. Our goal is to develop leaders and promote an effective and well-informed society. To apply for a special marriage certificate, both parties do not need to be residents of Trinidad and Tobago (i.e. not generally resident in Trinidad and Tobago; and for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, they are generally not allowed to reside in Trinidad and Tobago for at least 3 years). The Commercial Register of the Chancellor General`s Department has developed a new application to facilitate electronic and remote transactions of transactions with the register.

In anticipation of the launch of this new application, we encourage people involved in commercial register activities to register now. You can access the services by making an appointment online. It`s as simple as 123! CLICK HERE FOR RESERVATIONS We keep the National Archives of Births, Adoptions, Marriages and Deaths from 1893; Register land registers and maintain a register of companies. $20.00 to the District Registrar. $50.00 at the Director`s office. Copyright © 2020 Chambers of the Attorney General. All rights reserved. Do you have a question or feedback? The Chancellor`s department would be happy to hear from you. Port of Spain: approx. 3 days. Tobago: About 7 days.

Cost/fee: $100.00 RGD online appointment Customer days: Monday – Sunday Operating hours: All reasonable hours. RGD Online Services Registrar District Name (hospitals) Address Contact number Ginelle. Contact the registrar closest to the child`s place of birth. Need for up-to-date affidavits to support it. Office of the Prosecutor General and Ministry of Legal Affairs. Inscription of the father`s name on the birth certificate after birth registration Welcome to the Chancellor General`s Department, where our task is to register documents for posterity; Provide fast and efficient service with integrity. The Department of Civil Registration (RGD) oversees civil, basic and commercial registration in Trinidad and Tobago.

The department is divided into three (3) registers, namely the registry office, the commercial register and the land register. The Vital Statistics Office in Tobago provides most of the services provided by the Vital Statistics Department in Trinidad to citizens residing in Tobago. Minimum cost per child: $75.00. Costs include replacement of the birth certificate. This service is available by appointment, depending on your personal visit with your documents. We ensure that the administration of justice operates quickly, efficiently and efficiently, and that all people have adequate access to justice, regardless of their means. We ensure that major events on the island are recorded and provide essential services to the entire population as required by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Question of Muslim birth, marriage, death, adoption and divorce. The authority of the president waives the requirement for a person living abroad who intends to marry a resident/national to hang up his marriage messenger. Did you know that you can pay online for some of the best services in the commercial register? With your application number in hand, you can now easily pay for your submitted forms electronically.

This service allows you to search for information on companies and companies registered in the Chancellor General`s Department from the comfort of your home or office. Some services are available without an appointment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The services of the Chancellor`s Department can be arranged via our online booking system. Seven days after the undated release, bans were issued. Cost/fee: $10.00. This is the registration after one year of death. Process: Check with the Chancellor`s Department`s Vital Registry, Attorney General`s Office and Ministry of Justice, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Street, Port of Spain or the District Registrar closest to the place of death. The soon-to-be-launched Online Company Registration System (CROS) has been developed by the Commercial Registry to facilitate paperless, electronic and remote transactions with the Trade Registry. Provide information to the nearest District Registrar within three (3) months of the child`s birth to the nearest District Registrar. Cost/Fee: $100.00 – Payable at the Chief State Solicitor Tower C Box Office, International Waterfront Centre, 1A Wrightson Road Register immediately with the District Registrar nearest place of death.

We ensure that the administration of justice works quickly. This service is only available in Port of Spain at the Solicitor General Tower C, International Waterfront Centre, 1A Wrightson Road Approval for late birth registration (after three months) The District Registrar`s Office officially opened in November 2020 at the Roxborough Administration Complex. The district vital statistics office facilitates the registration of births and deaths that take place from Goodwood to Charlotteville, including the villages of L`Anse Fourmi and Bloody Bay. Any person whose name is registered in a registration kept by the commercial register or who wishes to form a company or register a corporate name, a non-profit organization or an external company, as well as any person who wishes to use the facility, must create an electronic identity in CROS. Once the electronic identity is created, a personal identification number for the account (account PIN) is issued. The account PIN is used to match the electronic identity of the company, business, and nonprofit to which the person may be logged in. Late registration refers to three (3) months after birth, but before one (1) year. Check with the civil registry office, general registry office, civil registry office or district registry office closest to the child`s place of birth. The Commercial Register („the Register”) is a division within the.